Shillong Teer Club Chart

Shillong teer is one of the most popular archery-based games in Meghalaya. The betting game has participants guessing teer (arrow) hit numbers from daily archery matches held by the established teer clubs of Shillong.

With hundreds of archers shooting arrows at the target, there is a complex probability system involved in correctly guessing the teer results. That’s why players rely on various formulas, statistics, tips and tricks to improve their chances.

One useful tool that teer enthusiasts use are the Shillong teer club charts. These club charts provide insights into the house numbers of all the club participants. Analyzing these club house numbers can reveal trends and techniques to apply when betting on numbers for the Shillong teer.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Shillong teer club charts including:

  • What club charts are and how they are structured
  • The official archery clubs involved in the Shillong teer game
  • How club house numbers can be used to make better predictions
  • Formulas involving club house numbers
  • Daily teer results linked to club chart analysis
  • Limitations and tips for using club charts effectively

Let’s start by understanding what exactly the Shillong teer club charts depict.

What is the Shillong Teer Club Chart?

The Shillong teer club chart is a list of all the archery clubs and their members who participate in the daily teer matches. For each club, the chart shows the breakdown of “house numbers” allocated to members of that club.

There are mainly two official archery clubs recognized by the Meghalaya government that control the Shillong teer game:

  • Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association (KHASA)
  • Jaintia Eastern Archery Sports Association (JEASA)

These clubs have several smaller club houses within them, each denoted by a specific number. The houses represent the groups that members are divided into during the teer shooting match.

For example, KHASA has 12 club houses numbered from 1 to 12. The full list is:

  • KHASA Club House 1
  • KHASA Club House 2
  • KHASA Club House 3
  • KHASA Club House 4 and so on…

The JEASA club has a similar structure with club houses numbered 1 to 10.

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The house numbers are carefully allotted so that members are evenly distributed. Typically each house will have between 80-100 archers who shoot arrows during the teer match.

The purpose of these house numbers is to bring organization into the highly randomized arrow shooting. It also helps track which groups tend to shoot more accurate arrows versus erratic arrows.

Shillong Teer Club Chart List 2023

How Are Teer Club Charts Useful?

So how exactly do these Shillong teer club house numbers help with making better predictions on the teer results? Here are some of the key ways that analyzing club charts can be useful:

Identifying Common Numbers

By looking at historical teer results and linking them back to the club houses, you can spot certain numbers that come out more frequently from some houses.

For example, the last digit ‘7’ may have been hit 15 times over the past month from House 4 of KHASA. This insight can help you adjust predictions by giving extra weightage to numbers ending in 7.

Over time, you can clearly identify the “lucky” houses that regularly hit certain digits.

Applying Club Chart Formulas

There are some standard formulas used by teer experts that involve calculating sums, averages or digits derived from the club house numbers:

  • Add first digits of all KHASA house numbers
  • Find average of last digits of JEASA house numbers
  • Pick number whose last digit matches KHASA Club House 5

When you apply formulas systematically, it improves your chances of landing on the right teer hit numbers.

Tracking Rare Numbers

The club charts also help you identify house numbers that rarely come in the teer results. This hints that you should avoid betting on such numbers.

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For example, if the last digit 3 has never been hit from JEASA Club House 7 over the past 50 days, then numbers ending in 3 are best avoided for now.

By combining number trends, formulas, and avoiding rare digits – the club house data gives you a layered analytical approach for the teer game.

Daily Teer Results Based on Club Charts

One of the best ways to utilize the Shillong teer club charts is to track the daily teer results and link them back to the club houses.

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For example, let’s say today’s teer result from the first round was 57. By mapping it back to the club chart, you can find out that 57 came from KHASA Club House 4.

Likewise, if the second round teer number was 26, it may have come from JEASA Club House 2.

Doing this daily helps you analyze the performance of each club house:

  • Which houses are more accurate in hitting the targets
  • Which houses tend to give outliers or rare digits
  • Identifying any trends or shifts in house performance

Here are some quick tips when assessing the teer results against club houses:

  • Note down which club house hits the first and second round numbers
  • Track accuracy over time to spot houses with maximum hits
  • Give preference to recent results over older results
  • Adjust your betting strategy based on houses with current good form

While club house numbers are not the only factor, linking daily results back to the club charts gives you very valuable data points. This can ultimately help improve your odds of winning.

Limitations of Club Charts

While Shillong teer club charts do provide useful insights, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Requires extensive data – You need to compile club chart data along with historical teer results over many months to identify reliable patterns and formulas. This involves meticulous effort.
  • Not fully predictive – No matter how much data you have, there are no guarantees of 100% accurate predictions using club houses. External factors can always throw things off.
  • Need to combine with other strategies – Club house numbers alone are not enough. You need to blend this with dream numbers, common sense, gut feel and other tricks used by experienced teer players.
  • House performance changes dynamically – A house with a hot streak can suddenly go cold. So you have to continuously track data and adjust strategies accordingly.

The key is to take club house data as guidance but not rely completely on it. Having realistic expectations and combining it smartly with other methods is important.

Final Tips for Using Club Charts

Here are some final tips worth keeping in mind when using Shillong teer club charts:

  • Maintain detailed Excel sheets to record all your data in one place
  • Be very patient in collecting at least 6 months of data before applying theories
  • Don’t go overboard hunting each and every pattern; focus on the clearest ones
  • Balance club house tips with your own intuition and dream numbers
  • Always cross-check predictions against final teer results to correct your approach
  • Don’t get disheartened by failures; see them as learnings to refine your process
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The club charts provide clues but you still need the wisdom to translate those clues into smart betting decisions. Use the club house data as an aid, not as the magic pill!


Shillong teer club charts contain valuable data points that can aid your process of predicting teer results. The house numbers allotted to archers in the major teer clubs like KHASA and JEASA provide insights into number trends, common digits, rare digits, and more.

By studying the club charts extensively and combining it with daily teer result tracking, you can identify patterns and formulas that improve your betting strategy over time. However, club house numbers are just one part of the puzzle.

To win consistently at the Shillong teer game, you need to blend various skills like:

  • Analyzing stats and charts
  • Applying proven formulas
  • Tracking results regularly
  • Spotting shifts in trends
  • Using intuition from experience
  • Having patience and discipline

Think of the club house numbers as providing clues that can tilt the odds slightly in your favor. But teer betting still requires skill, consistency, analysis and an openness to keep learning.

Use the club charts as an ally, not a sole strategy, on your journey to becoming a winning teer player. With the right approach, you can leverage the data to make the probability game a bit more predictable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many teer clubs are there in Shillong?

There are two main authorized teer clubs – Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association (KHASA) and Jaintia Eastern Archery Sports Association (JEASA).

Where can I find the Shillong teer club charts?

The club charts are not officially published but you can find unofficial versions online by going to

How often are the club house numbers changed?

The house numbers usually remain fixed for many years. Occasionally some minor reshuffling is done by the clubs to balance things.

Can just using club house numbers guarantee teer wins?

No, club house numbers alone are not enough for guaranteed wins. You need to combine it with other strategies for improved predictions.

Besides club houses, what are the other teer betting strategies?

Other common strategies used are tracking dream numbers, identifying lucky cycles, looking for patterns in previous results, using formulas and going with gut feel based on experience.